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What is the Sweet Life Weekly Business Planner Notepad?

  • See all your business priorities and important to-do’s at a glance

  • Keep your business and life organized on a weekly basis

  • Say goodbye to feeling scattered, overwhelmed, and frustrated

  • Never forget what to market to your audience and social media again

The strategies and frameworks used on this beautifully designed notepad are pulled straight from my signature Flourish Marketing Plan Workshop Intensive program. 

Flourish has helped thousands of business owners just like you create a marketing plan that helps them not only thrive, but see their success stories, dreams, and goals come to life. 

The strategies and frameworks used on this beautifully designed notepad are from my signature Flourish Marketing Plan Workshop Intensive program. Flourish has helped thousands of business owners like you create a marketing plan that helps them not only thrive, but see their success stories come to life.

Amber Housley creator of sweet life weekly planner notepad

Amber Housley, creator of the Sweet Life Weekly Planner Notepad

Make your week work for you

✅ Achieve your goals 

✅ Execute on your marketing strategies

✅ Live each day with intention

And much more!

What If You Could Truly Flourish in Life & Biz?

What if you could intentionally move toward your version of success?

You'll never feel more excited mapping out your path to grow your goals + dreams!

weekly planner to map out your goals

When you use your Sweet Life Weekly Business Planner Notepad daily, you will:

  • Strategically map out your marketing plan for the week

  • Find confidence and clarity in your focus so you can increase sales

  • Know the purpose behind your marketing messages and campaigns

  • Make space to record simple gratitudes and wins from the week

  • Be reminded that joyful living and connecting with family are critical to your business growth

Product Specs:

Oversized 9.5”x11.5” notepad so you can clearly see your path to The Sweet Life!
Includes 25 gorgeous tear-off pages for 25 straight weeks of biz + life planning. 

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Created by Amber Housley


Created by Amber Housley

As a business owner, woman, and possibly a mother or caretaker for your family, you probably have a dozen planners, sticky notes, and journals scattered all over the place. You use them to write down your thoughts, keep your tasks on track, and to feel less scattered, right?

But instead of feeling like you have it all together with those multiple scraps of paper and notes floating around, you feel more scattered than ever. 

As a long-time business owner, marketing strategist, and business coach, I know what it feels like to be constantly rushing around.

Balancing family and business is always going to be hard, but the trick is to get out of your own way by using tools and strategies that work.

And trust me, there are SMART STRATEGIES to run your business, so you can spend more time creating and being with the people that mean the most to you.

One of the strategies I’ve created from my own experience AND my work with hundreds of women? This Sweet Life Weekly Business Planner. This weekly marketing notepad helps you get clear on exactly what you’re doing each week to move the needle forward on your business, without sacrificing your life, family, or joy. 

I deeply believe that whether your business is making 4 figures or 8, the key to hitting your next target is effective planning. I've led and consulted for top creatives and influencers, producing hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue with my sales and marketing strategies.

My goal is to raise women to new heights, sharing proven frameworks for marketing and sales. This marketing notepad planner has the potential to make a HUGE difference in the lives and businesses of the women who use it.

So, my friend. Let me ask you: 

  • What if it didn’t have to be so hard? 
  • ​What if building a business could be easy and joyful?
  • What if all your roles and daily responsibilities didn’t feel so overwhelming?
  • What if you knew what you needed to do this week — in a single glance?
You CAN finally feel focused, aligned with your purpose and your vision, and have a tactical plan for the week… with this weekly notepad planner. So, what are you waiting for?
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group of business women attending a retreat
group of business women celebrating hitting their goals with balooons

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What to do next…

As I said before, this $22 planner is MY FREE GIFT TO YOU. All I ask is you help me cover the shipping and postage costs — just $7.95 for anywhere in the U.S.! 

There Is No Catch!

There's absolutely no catch. No gimmicks. No hidden fees.

So why am I doing this? Well, there are a few reasons...

1. For more than a decade, I’ve worked with hundreds of women business owners and I’ve seen firsthand how we all try to force marketing tactics and campaigns that don’t work for us or our ideas of success. I’ve also seen some of those tactics lead to sacrificing time with families and caring for ourselves. I don’t want that for you! So this planner notepad is my way of showing how you can live a joy-filled life AND have a thriving business… without sacrificing one for the other. 
2. I want you to have the same experience I have: feeling confidence, clarity, and excitement as you begin your “work week.” I also want you to know exactly what you need to say or share about on social media, your next email, or however you show up. I also want you to feel empowered to longer waste time, money, and loose post-it notes trying to keep yourself on track.

3. I want you to learn from my years of experience as a marketing strategist to hundreds of other women business owners, and follow my blueprint to successfully marketing your business… while also adding joy and intention to your everyday. It’s all in this notepad! 

4. I get one of my gorgeous and intentional products in your hands... and when you see how amazing it is, it should get you excited to buy other products from me in the future. Who knows, maybe you'll even join my Blooming Business Inner Circle :)

In any case, you’ll officially be a member of my Sweet Life Sisterhood community, where hundreds of women focus on finding joy and writing their own success stories. Join us!

🌟 Plus You’ll Also Get These Limited Time BONUSES

with your business planner notepad 🌟

bonus item social media calendar swipe file
Social Media Calendar Swipe File

Value $17

  • Brainstorm and plan out content for the upcoming key dates and holidays so you always know what you’re sharing

  • Cut back on the social media content overwhelm

  • ​Share your voice in more creative and impactful ways

  • ​Reference this list when filling out your planner for the week
Seasonal bucket list printables
Seasonal Bucket List Printables

Value $37

  • Adding fun into your week, month, and every season

  • ​Beautifully designed printables to inspire and excite

  • ​Invite family and friends into new joy-filled activities

  • ​Included are idea lists for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Holiday
seasonal bucket list printable bonus item
thriving biz + life workshop training bonus item
Thriving Biz + Life Workshop Training 

Value $97

In this short and impactful video training, I’ll show you how to:

  • Leverage the Weekly Planner Notepad for real transformation in your biz + life

  • ​End your week feeling satisfied instead of burnt out

  • ​Intentionally create joy and fun in your week

  • ​Structure your business work days and prioritize your projects 

  • ​Conduct team meetings (even if you’re a team of 1!)
These bonus gifts will be delivered to your email address while you wait for your Sweet Life Weekly Business Planner to arrive by mail!
Weekly Business Planner

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These FREE gorgeous notepads are available in a very limited supply and will go fast! Don’t miss out on planning out your week in an all-new way that will help your biz + life truly thrive! 

 The Sweet Life Weekly Business Planner Guarantee

100% Risk-Free 

Way to Experience the Sweet Life!

If you claim this free gift, use it, and don’t see a change in how you plan out, live, and find delight in your weeks, I’ll refund your shipping! 

This small investment in shipping is going to pay off tenfold as you work to write your own success story and create a thriving business and life.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a planner and I don’t have time to use it properly. How is this planner notepad different?

This Sweet Life Weekly Business Planner Notepad is built on a simple marketing framework designed to help your business thrive. It’s also energizing and empowering because you won’t be overwhelmed by a million things to do. This planner highlights only your most impactful actions. Other planners focus on hours or to-do lists for your business. This notepad incorporates both business and life priorities so you can focus on more of what matters.

I already use digital business planning tools. Why would I need a paper notepad planner?

Digital tools are great for running your business and managing all the moving pieces that make u your business projects. But this Sweet Life Weekly Business Planner Notepad is meant to sit on your desk and serve as a visual reminder that prioritizes your life, yourself, and your business. It encompasses all of it, rather than serving as just a to-do list for your business. The physical element also helps your brain see what’s most important, and the physical act of writing can help you commit to what’s truly important. Use it as a companion to your digital planning tools or as a standalone star to creating a truly sweet life.

I need this right now! Is there anything I can get now to get started?

You’re in luck! This marketing notepad planner comes with a few juicy bonuses, including instant access to the Thriving Biz + Life Workshop Training. This workshop offers a fun little training to help you dig in right now to start finding more joy in your business and personal life. I’ll walk you through exercises that help you intentionally incorporate joy and fun into your week, as well as prioritize your marketing and business projects. Watch this training right after you buy, and you’ll be ready to rock the minute your planner notepad arrives!

And don’t forget, you get even more gorgeous bonuses: a social media calendar to help you start sharing more strategic content and seasonal bucket lists to remind yourself to have a little fun!

My Post-It notes are doing just fine. Do I need to plan my weeks like this?

Many business owners think that they don’t need to plan their weeks. They have it all in their head, or their current Post-It note and scattered notes all over the desk and house system appears to work for them. While you may see some progress with this fly by the seat of your pants system, the truth is that real growth happens when you plan for it. As the saying goes, “You fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This marketing notepad planner is designed to help you really get clear on your most impactful actions, and outline the steps you’ll take each week to move your business forward. Plus, you’ll also have space to incorporate life and personal growth into the equation, because that’s what a well-rounded business looks like.

What’s the catch? 

There is no catch, no gimmicks! This Sweet Life Weekly Business Planner Notepad is my way of showing how you can live a joy-filled life AND have a thriving business, using this clear (and gorgeous!) blueprint. The reason for this is simple: I get one of my fun and intentional products in your hands... and when you see how amazing it is, you’ll know you want to be a part of this Sweet Life Sisterhood of business owners!

How much time does it take to get started, and what do I need to complete it?

Nothing fancy — just set aside 10 minutes, grab your calendar and your favorite pen, and get to planning! This is a super simple notepad, there are no fancy systems to learn or read about. You can fill this out in just a few minutes a week and have clarity on everything that’s coming for the next few days.

When will this special offer run out?

We’ve printed a limited number of the Sweet Life Weekly Business Planner Notepad to give away for FREE! This means that, when they’re gone, they’re gone! I want to get one of these beautiful little planners in your hands and on your desk, so don’t wait. They will go fast!

What if I’m just starting out with my business? Can I use this marketing notepad planner?

This planner is perfect for the new business owner as well as the experienced business owner — and for any type of business! The key is find tools that help you move toward your goals, both in business and life, and that’s exactly what this planner does. The sooner you start using this notepad, the sooner you can tap into your desired business growth and success. 

I need to tell all my biz besties about this free gift. Can I get them one, too? 

This marketing notepad planner is even juicier when it’s shared! If you want to help your biz besties write their own success stories in business and life, just share this link with them: amberhousley.com/planner

You’ll only be able to claim one per person, so make sure to send them the link directly so they can get their FREE Sweet Life Weekly Business Planner Notepad.

Real Business Owners Are Livin’ the Sweet Life With This Weekly Planner Notepad!

business owner smiling
"Amber is fantastic at leading women and building fantastic spaces for you to connect, learn and grow in your business. I really appreciate her philosophy of thriving holistically…not to mention, her coaching is phenomenal! I am so excited to use this beautiful planner!"

Shannon Parker, Faith+Food+Wellness Coach

"I highly recommend Amber's planner. It's very well thought out, practical, and useful. As business owners, personal life is always leaking into business and vice versa and there's a really good blend of both marketing and personal. She thought of everything! It's gorgeous, easy to use, and I love having it on my desk!"

Julie Stoian, digital marketing expert and coach

completed weekly planner on desk with pen
Julie Soian Planners

"I highly recommend Amber's planner. It's very well thought out, practical, and useful. As business owners, personal life is always leaking into business and vice versa and there's a really good blend of both marketing and personal. She thought of everything! It's gorgeous, easy to use, and I love having it on my desk!"

Julie Stoian

female business owner smiling with weekly business planner

“I LOVE this new Weekly Marketing Plan notepad. I’m a planner GEEK and love a good physical planner but prefer the weekly view. I love that i get to focus on my Top 3 items for each day as well as remember the weekly marketing focus. I can’t recommend this enough! Plus, it makes your desk so happy and joyful."

Kristen McCall, Marketing & PR Professional

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You’ll SAY GOODBYE to feeling scattered, overwhelmed, and frustrated and SAY HELLO to getting one step closer to your dream version of the Sweet Life… but you have to take the first step...

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  • Social Media Calendar Swipe File...Value $17

  • Seasonal Bucket List Printables...Value $37

  • Thriving Biz + Life Workshop Training...Value $97

Total Value of $173+

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